About Vietri Scotto

Ceramists, designers, artists

THE VIETRI SCOTTO CERAMICS is light in the glazes, tradition in the sixteenth and seventeenth-century Vietri and Neapolitan decorations, sunny suggestions in the Arab and Moorish influences that have marked the history of the Amalfi coast, popular devotion in the images of votive shrines, marine echoes of coastlines and sailors in the compass roses.

Everything is alive and imprinted in the majolica that DARIA SCOTTO and her husband DANILO MARIANI, today as in the past, prepare, press, hand-finish, and let dry naturally, bringing to life on it the fantasy of the designs, the ranges and brilliance of the colors, of the glazes, in a multitude of formats, which exceeds hundreds, to meet any creative solution.

To the exhibitions in Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, over the years, a careful and meticulous restoration activity has been added, which has brought back to ancient splendor the bell tower of the Amalfi cathedral, the Scala Cathedral, the floors of the Churches of S. Giovanni a Piro, Montella, the Pappacoda chapel in S. Giovanni Maggiore in Naples, the church of S. Antonio in Marina di Vietri and S. Pietro in Figline in Tramonti, as well as the integration of ancient floors for prestigious villas in Campania and the Islands.

The VIETRI SCOTTO CERAMICS has increasingly transformed, in seventy years of activity, into a real laboratory for experimenting with techniques and decorations, simply letting the majolica absorb past and present, tradition and innovation, to return them to the gaze in the space of a tile or an artistic object.